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What is Wave?

The inspiration for Wave was cosmic! Nebulas are pools of gasses and dust particles floating in space. They are formless, yet can attain entire solar systems. The Wave Universal Platform is a multi functional, modular device with a host of embedded sensors. Encapsulating capabilities such as controlling water, destroying bacteria found in water, as well as monitoring the air quality. 
Crab Nebula~ESA/Hubble

So! Why Wave?
In recent years we have had serious problems with drought, as well as declining air and water quality. In New York, as well as other cities, there have also been various complications with waterborne pathogens, especially Legionella. While our plumbing infrastructure ages, their decomposition provides a special environment for bacteria to grow. We at AmStar decided to use technology to address these issues. We have developed a "plug and play" solution that will not only monitor, but will also help to curb these issues.